Enabling surgeons to preoperatively and intraoperatively
    tailor shoulder arthroplasty to the patient’s unique anatomy.

    Aim, Set, Matched™
    Building on a legacy of superior designs and advancements in technology, DJO Surgical® introduces the Match Point System®.

    The Match Point System®, in conjunction with the AltiVate Reverse®, RSP®, AltiVate® Anatomic or Turon® shoulder implant system, allows surgeons to Aim at enhancing patient outcomes and Set patient goals to Reach Higher by ensuring the surgical plan is Matched to the patient’s specific anatomy.

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    Backed by over 15 years of clinical history, the Discovery® Elbow System features spherical clondyles on the hinge to allow for the distribution of stress evenly across the system. The Discovery Elbow system also includes Vitamin E+ poly, which has been found to reduce wear, minimize oxidation, and maintain the mechanical integrity of the Discovery Elbow System.

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    Reaching Higher by Design
    The data-driven design of the AltiVate® Anatomic Shoulder System features a P2™ coated short humeral stem and a canal-sparing 3-fin humeral stem, the CS EDGE®. This system incorporates P2™ porous coating for excellent in-growth results,1 e+™ formulated to maintain strength and reduce wear rates,3 and a glenoid with patented Drop-and-Go® technology for immediate fixation,2 providing surgeons with a versatile offering that addresses the diverse needs of the patient population.

    The result is a truly anatomical reconstruction with fixation you can feel.

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    Revolutionary or Proven? BOTH.
    AltiVate Reverse® is built solely on the first-to-market and only 135° stem to be backed by 10 years of proven clinical data showing no decline in patient outcomes.8 With streamlined instrumentation and fully interchangeable stem and glenosphere sizing, the AltiVate Reverse system is the simple choice to meet the needs of today’s surgical environments.

    These design principles include a center of rotation lateral to the glenoid, the first to market humeral neck angle of 135°, and a humeral stem inlaid within the humeral bone. The 48mm stems are the first short, convertible, inlay stems on the market.

    With indications for reverse TSA, anatomic TSA, and hemiarthroplasty (including proximal humerus fractures), AltiVate Reverse® is one platform to treat your arthroplasty patients. With four different stem length options (48mm, 108mm, 175mm, and 220mm) and two different shell sizes (36mm and 42mm), the AltiVate Reverse® system has options to meet the needs of patients across a wide spectrum of humeral anatomies.

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    ADAPTABLE® is an efficient solution designed for unconstrained movement of the shoulder, knee, and hip during arthroplasty that is optimized for the outpatient setting.

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