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    Backed by over 15 years of clinical history, the Discovery® Elbow System features spherical clondyles on the hinge to allow for the distribution of stress evenly across the system. The Discovery Elbow system also includes Vitamin E+ poly, which has been found to reduce wear, minimize oxidation, and maintain the mechanical integrity of the Discovery Elbow System.

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    Enabling surgeons to preoperatively and intraoperatively
    tailor shoulder arthroplasty to the patient’s unique anatomy.

    Aim, Set, Matched™
    Building on a legacy of superior designs and advancements in technology, DJO Surgical® introduces the Match Point System®.

    The Match Point System®, in conjunction with the AltiVate Reverse®, RSP®, AltiVate® Anatomic or Turon® shoulder implant system, allows surgeons to Aim at enhancing patient outcomes and Set patient goals to Reach Higher by ensuring the surgical plan is Matched to the patient’s specific anatomy.

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    A premium, streamlined implant at a reinvented price point.
    Exprt Revision Hip is a full-line, modular femoral stem inspired by the clinical success of Wagner style predecessors.
    Exprt Revision Hip is a full-line, modular femoral stem inspired by the clinical success of Wagner style predecessors. The system’s intuitive design and premium quality is based on extensive research and development that redefines revision arthroplasty by offering an anatomically-inspired design that has an emphasis on efficiency and strength.

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    ADAPTABLE® is an efficient solution designed for unconstrained movement of the shoulder, knee, and hip during arthroplasty that is optimized for the outpatient setting.

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  • EMPOWR Partial Knee™

    The EMPOWR Partial Knee™ is the efficiency-based solution for early stage, unicompartmental knee arthritis in today’s modern healthcare environment.

    The EMPOWR Partial Knee is designed to improve surgical efficiency through streamlined, intuitive instrumentation and surgical workflow, provide patient satisfaction through the replication of natural motion and kinematics and provide an anatomical patient fit to maximize bone coverage and fixation.

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  • EMPOWR Porous™ Knee

    The EMPOWR Porous™ Knee combines DJO’s proprietary advanced porous coating, P™ with the EMPOWR Knee System’s modern kinematic design philosophy. The EMPOWR Porous Knee System is the culmination of decades of research and clinical experience resulting in data-driven materials optimized to enhance early fixation, while creating an ideal environment for immediate and long-term biologic fixation.

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